Enjoy two powerful days of learning with many of the nation’s top educational experts while staying at home!

Participants will learn to take research-based, sustainable learning practices that provide the foundation for meaningful change to meet the needs of today’s students.

Schools are increasingly moving toward innovative, student-centered learning models that address contemporary skills while further addressing the needs of the whole child that extends beyond the academic curriculum. We are bringing together many of the top experts throughout the country to focus on STEAM, Equity & Inclusion, Online Teaching Best Practices, and Assessment. A few of our speakers include Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Sylvia Martinez, Rosetta Lee, Gary Stager, Steve Sostak, Walter Greason, Suzie Boss, Damian Bebell, Aaron Titus, Tricia Fuglestad and many more. 

The conference will focus on the following areas:

  • Real-World STEAM Applications – Sessions will focus on topics and skills necessary for success in our rapidly evolving world (e.g. STEAM applications to include computational thinking, action research, media literacy, information literacy, making, sustainability, global awareness, AR/VR and more).
  • Equity and Inclusion – Sessions will provide opportunities for participants to engage in courageous conversations, discuss best practices, and share current resources for nurturing an equitable and inclusive community.
  • Online Teaching Best Practices and Assessment– Sessions will address how we can best prepare teachers by increasing their skill, effectiveness, and confidence when teaching online. We will delve into the current landscape of assessments, define the need for authentic and real-world measures of learning, and move past traditional models by discovering new and innovative techniques to meet the needs of all learners.

Get in touch with us or contact Connie White at connie.white@woodward.edu for more information.