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We are seeking dynamic, forty-five minute presentations intended to incorporate experiences that foster long-term success and achievement while intentionally developing creative, critical thinkers to meet the needs of today’s world.

In addition, STLinATL will feature several curricular strands listed below. 

  • Engage with Educational Pioneers – Be inspired by an array of distinguished speakers and presenters, each offering groundbreaking approaches and transformative teaching methods. Immerse in learning evolution and discover how to integrate research-backed, sustainable practices that catalyze meaningful change and resonate with the diverse needs of today’s students.
  • Beyond Academics – Experience student-centered models that not only hone contemporary skills but also nurture the whole child, extending beyond traditional academic boundaries.
  • Empowerment through Innovation – In a world that never stops changing, equipping our students for tomorrow is our imperative. STLinATL 2024 is a crucible for educators and leaders to enhance their ability to intertwine learning with real-world relevance.
  • Diverse Learning Experiences – Delve into expert-led sessions addressing the latest research and innovations across a spectrum of critical topics.